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Goals for Your Trip

Bear Savvy TRVLS is on a mission to help more people plan their BEST TRIP EVER, to Walt Disney World. A lot of that comes down to a few key choices in your planning, and sometimes you don't know what you don't know. We are here as a guide to help provide information, and education in making those choices, so that you can plan the best trip for YOU!

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Simplifying the

Planning Process

Planning a trip to Walt Disney World can be overwhelming and time-consuming. I aim to simplify the planning process for you by, providing the right itinerary, insider tips and tricks, and handling all logistics, including booking accommodations, transportation, park tickets, and dining reservations.

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Maximizing Value for Money

While Walt Disney World can be an expensive destination, I strive to maximize the value for your money. This can involve finding the best deals on accommodations and park tickets, selecting dining options that fit within your budget, and suggesting free or low-cost activities and attractions in the parks.

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Helping to Craft Your Best Experience

A visit to Walt Disney World is never ever one in the same. Every person plans differently, and every trip has it's own goals. Crafting the best experience for your trip is less about packing in the most experiences, and more about packing in the best experiences for you.

How to Prep for Your Call

Our inital call is very much an opportunity to get to know you, your goals for your trip, and provide information on how Bear Savvy TRVLS can best help you hit the goals shared above.

Prepping for your call is highligh recommended, but shouldn't take too much time.

Know Your Goals

The most important thing to me, is to find out what is most important for your trip to Walt Disney World. This helps me understand what planning needs to happen to make sure that your Most Must Do, items get done.

Know your Budget

Walt Disney World is expensive, but there are ways to save money in places, and get the most value out of each dollar spent. Having a rough budget in mind helps me to pick the best options available for you to make sure that your Most Must Do items are easy to access.

Know Your

Most Must Do Items

What's most important to me is what is most important to you. Knowing what is highest priority for your visit helps to narrow down the choices in hotel, dining, park ticket type, and other planning to make the whole process much easier.

Perks of Booking With Bear Savvy TRVLS

Walt Disney World planning is not the only thing you get when planning your trip with Bear Savvy TRVLS. Just like there is so much more to Walt Disney World than most people realize... There is also SO MUCH more to Bear Savvy TRVLS than just your Walt Disney World planner.

The benefit of years of planning

Learning Walt Disney World takes time, and it is time that we save you in learning everything you need to know about the most magical place on earth. Near two decades worth of knowledge in planning for Walt Disney World is a quick call message away.

A Community lean on throughout your entire experience

Something so many people miss in planning their trip to Walt Disney World is the community of people to lean on who have stories, tips, tricks, and more to share. Bear Savvy TRVLS is dedicated to bringing together more people that want to build a thriving culture around traveling to Walt Disney World

Trust that your highest priority is our highest priority

One of our biggest mistakes in planning our early trips to Walt Disney World was the idea that we could 'get everything done.!' Boy were we wrong. Our highest priority is to make sure that those things at the top of your Must Do list get done, and the rest is just icing on the cake.


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